What is sintered stone and why go for this material for your home?

Only the finest materials can produce the most beautiful creations. Sintered stone is an innovative building material that stands out for its advantages in terms of strength, durability, design and sustainability. It is highly versatile and functional and is used for kitchen worktops, cladding, facades and furniture.



What is the sintered stone?


A sintered stone is a material composed of natural products such as stone dust, minerals or pigments. The sintering process emulates the creation of natural igneous rocks, where minerals melt and solidify at high temperatures.

At Neolith we are inspired by this organic process and we produce our models by applying extreme heat and pressure, honouring nature in their finishes and also in their manufacture. The result is an ultra-compacted surface that conquers with its beauty and its great performance.




Sintered stone for the home


The sintered stone can be used in virtually all household construction: from kitchen and bathroom worktops and interior flooring and cladding to sinks, shower trays, washbasins and even exclusive furnishings. It can also be used outdoors, such as in outdoor kitchens, terraces and swimming pools, as well as on facades.

It is available in different thicknesses and finishes suitable for each application, and the variety of its models allows for the design of contemporary, welcoming and highly functional spaces.


01. Sintered stone countertops

Sintered stone kitchen countertops have many advantages over other construction materials. We can highlight their resistance to stains and bacterias, due to the fact that they are not very porous, which makes them easier to clean.