The Importance of Flooring for Outdoor Pools

The terrace and other outdoor spaces such as swimming pools and gardens, become the most sought-after areas in summer, where we spend most of the time with family and friends, enjoying relaxing moments. 

One of the key elements of these areas is undoubtedly the flooring, since it provides personality and design, but when it comes to choosing it, we should value not only aesthetics, but technical performance as well, which is very important to ensure that it is durable and looks good.




What aspects should be considered when
choosing flooring for outdoor swimming pools?


Outdoor pool decking deteriorates at a faster rate than other areas do, due to environmental exposure and water erosion. Because of this, it is necessary to pay attention to certain aspects before choosing it, as we discuss below.


01. Choose very low porosity materials to avoid mould and bacterial growth

Occasionally, dirt and mildew build up on pool flooring due to the constant exposure to moisture. Neolith surfaces are ultra-hygienic with near-zero porosity, meaning there are no spaces where bacteria can accumulate and grow.  On top of its lack of surface porosity, it has water-resistance and antimicrobial properties due to its composition. 

02. Consider the flooring strength and durability

The regular use of the pool and of its maintenance products, as well as the abrasive action of the water itself, can cause the flooring to wear. In addition, the temperature contrast can lead to cracks and clefts that will need fixing. Sintered stone is ultra-compact and very resistant to weather conditions, making it a very suitable material for this type of terrace. 

03. Select large format, rectified tiles

Joints are usually the place where the most dirt accumulates. The use of large format, rectified tiles undoubtedly minimize its presence, improving hygiene as well as the feeling of uniformity. Neolith is manufactured in slabs of about 5m2, but also offers smaller formats to adapt to different needs. 

04. Opt for thicker surfaces

Greater slab thickness is synonymous with greater hardness. All Neolith collections can be manufactured in 12 mm and 20 mm, making them highly suitable for an outdoor installation. In addition, they can be installed directly onto concrete or gravel floors, thereby simplifying construction works. 

05. Choose flooring to fit the existing architectural style

Style should be reflected in all the elements of the building and be coherent throughout; that is why it should also be considered for your choice. At Neolith we offer models for contemporary, minimalist, luxurious, industrial design and more organic ones as well. Get to know all the possibilities provided by our collections and get inspired to bring style to your home.   


In addition, you can create spaces that flow continuously between the interior and exterior of the house by choosing the same model and format, thereby providing a sense of spaciousness. Without a doubt, Neolith offers endless possibilities to enjoy exclusive designs with high functionality.