Inspiring Living For Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024.

Neolith invites you to discover bits of this book made by and for design enthusiasts for a single purpose: to help create unique spaces.

Inspiring Living for Tomorrow, Lifestyle Trends 2024 by Neolith came about after observing and researching new international currents in all creative areas: interior decorating, design, architecture, art, fashion, technology, gastronomy, lifestyle...

This Trend Study specially focuses on sustainability and the new ways of creating, living in and experiencing spaces which reflect the values of today’s professionals and consumers and how they express them.


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What will you find in the Study?

Throughout the more than 345 pages of this Trend Study, you’ll find:

  • Microtrends in design and interior decorating
  • Interviews with studios and their stars
  • Moodboards and inspirational examples
  • Neolith materials and color palettes
  • Resources, products and additional materials

Find out about the 3 new macrotrends in the Study


    Cities are changing and every little space is becoming more and more valuable. In response, we’re seeing the rise of microliving, modularity, multi-purposing, all of which are completed with a “green” and sustainable approach to urbanization as well as a specific type of architecture: Greentecture.


    The emotions, wellbeing and balance something can produce are arousing more and more interest. Concepts like restorative design, a holistic approach or regenerative missions are beginning to be taken into account when designing public and private spaces.


    Societal awareness is becoming stronger all the time along with firm respect for the environment. Teaching people to value what we already have instead of quickly replacing everything will lead to a cultural change. 2024 will be the great era of respect, of zero waste generation and of upcycling.


Why this Trend Study?


The ideas found throughout these three chapters are quite the delicacy as small bites of inspiration, and have all been gathered from our trips, conversations with experts, lectures and conferences, books, magazines, specialist websites, podcasts and market studies.

The projects chosen are illustrative examples based on the messages to be transmitted by this book and how Neolith materials and surfaces can be the key to creating unique living spaces. What’s more, they’re virtually a must in solutions applied to all types of areas: design, architecture and even lifestyle.

In this exclusive Neolith trend study, you’ll find out about what’s happening in our cities and our homes, how the concept of wellbeing is evolving and, finally, how nature is able to stimulate us and how people want to be surrounded by it.

There’s also a look at the metaverse, the new virtual world currently under development with digital designs that enable thousands of possibilities and are influencing the new look of interior decorating, design and architecture.


Authors of the Neolith Trend Study 2024

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