Types of sintered stone façades: a whole world to discover


Neolith Arctic White façade. Museum of Science and Technology in Canada.


Sintered stone is conquering the world of architecture as it’s the ideal material for building façades considering its performance features and exclusive designs.


Why choose a sintered stone façade?


There are many materials that can be used to clad façades, but most require specific care to prevent their deterioration. Brick can sometimes cause moisture problems if not sealed properly, natural stone can become easily decoloured and soiled, metal panels can rust and wood is subject to putrefaction and decolouring. However, sintered stone is highly resistant and has near-zero porosity meaning it requires almost no maintenance and maintains its performance features over time.


The advantages of a sintered stone façade


If you’re looking for cutting-edge, high-performing materials, sintered stone is one of the best options as it offers unparalleled quality and immense versatility in designs.


01. Sintered stone offers guarantees and great durability

It’s extremely durable material meaning it’s ideal for use outdoors. Waterproof and resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, it guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s material comprised of fully natural raw materials, which means the colour never fades.


Neolith Arctic White façade. Sangbong Lee building in Seoul (South Korea), by UnSangDong Architects.

02. Low maintenance

Neolith sintered stone needs very little maintenance. Given the large format and lack of porosity, it’s really easy to clean and does not need to be regularly sealed like other materials such as wood, natural stone and brick.

03. A commitment to sustainable beauty

At Neolith, we look towards the future, offering beautiful architectural surfaces all while also looking after our production process to ensure it is environmentally-friendly.

Neolith sintered stone is made of fully natural raw materials, up to 98% of which can be recycled.


At Neolith, we have a firm commitment to sustainability and aim our efforts at reducing CO2 emissions and fostering a circular economy.

Neolith surfaces offer a high degree of thermal insulation, facilitating energy savings of up to 40%. Moreover, the solar protection they provide prevent excessive heating in summer to enhance indoor comfort.

04. The versatility of its designs can adapt to all types of styles.

Our collections feature a diverse range of proposals to allow architects and designers to create very exclusive designer façades which are highly valued by consumers. Neolith models are inspired by the beauty of nature with shapes found in marble, stone, wood and metals all while ensuring to stay on the cutting edge.