Greentecture: the green architecture for tomorrow



Architecture not only has the goal of building constructions, but it also shapes our future and influences our quality of life. The conscious execution of the architecture known as "Greentecture or green architecture" can reduce emissions and improve waste management, which is a problem that our society must face immediately.


In addition, it brings nature closer to the places we inhabit, improving our sense of well-being and harmony.


This urban trend understood as "a return to nature" is one of the macro-trends included in our Trends Book Inspiring Living for Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024 by Neolith, where you can also find other architectural trends that include the presence of nature in the creation of spaces.




What is green architecture?


Green arquitecture or Greentecture has the purpose of being part of the solution and stopping climate change, increasing the number of green areas, and building constructions that reduce the consumption of fossil energy such as oil, gas, or coal.


It is a trend with principles and objectives, which can disruptively transform our environment and way of life, prioritizing the following aspects:

01. Focus on saving water

Rainwater collection and reuse systems are implemented, as well as efficient plumbing and irrigation devices, to reduce the consumption of potable water.

02. Promote energy efficiency

To reduce energy consumption, green architecture prioritizes the orientation of buildings, the use of thermal insulation and the incorporation of renewable energy technology, such as solar panels or geothermal energy systems.