Flooring and cladding

The beauty around us.

Spaces come to life and Neolith is the perfect skin to convey their personality and lend them a world of their own. Whatever the space, Neolith exterior and interior cladding offers outstanding versatility and the most advanced technology that can turn your dreams into reality. And with a full range of colors and finishes, it creates a unique look for every project and for every person. Because no two skins are alike.

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Spaces that come to life.

Endless possibilities to freely create.

The many different Neolith stone finishes make them perfect for cladding walls given the compact 3 and 6 mm designs. And 6 mm thicknesses for indoor flooring.


Neolith products for floors and walls expand the array of choices for designers and users as part of its desire to create spaces for living. This range frees the imagination and enables combinations of any kind on walls and floors, thus allowing one to design their own world.

High-performance beauty.

The different effects of Neolith sintered stone perfectly match together whether stone, wood, marble or metal. Your imagination can create a unique space combining wall cladding in one style with flooring in another. There are no limits on creating a unique space you’ll love and live endlessly.


Neolith sintered stone is perfect for cladding without restrictions so you can innovate, make your own personal combinations and freely create. The resistance and hardness are perfect for any type of atmosphere, whether private or public. Create your project thinking about a global spatial concept.

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