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Take in the fresh air and enjoy a bit of absolute wellness on your new terrace. Neolith’s incredible resistance means the space can completely adapt to your needs so you can have your own special space with a touch of design and unique personality. Think about what your ideal terrace would be like and make it come true with Neolith’s innovative flooring, specially designed so you can always find that perfect moment of the day outdoors.

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Sunsets all year round.

Elegant spaces, timeless design.

You just need some good advice to create a relaxation and leisure area to evoke and enjoy those unique moments in paradisiacal places in your own home whenever you want. Neolith sintered stone creates versatile, resistant spaces and is ideal for keeping your terrace exterior flooring looking just as it did the very first day as the perfect setting for plenty of unforgettable moments.

A long life for your terrace.

Home exteriors need long-lasting materials that are resistant to changes in temperature and the sun. Your terrace must be designed for enjoyment without worries about deterioration and damages due to inclement weather. Neolith terrace flooring is the perfect solution for bringing life to your terrace and for keeping your home’s elegance, style and coziness just as new.

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