Neolith 2023, a fascinating journey



This year is coming to an end, and it is time to look back, remember, celebrate and get excited about everything that has been part of our lives in 2023 and about everything to which Neolith has contributed its characteristic seal of innovation and design.

Despite the current situation full of challenges, Neolith has had new openings, product and company awards and has obtained certifications that confirm the firm is at the forefront of sustainability. Neolith has been present at numerous international fairs, has collaborated with numerous well-known influencers, and has published its first Trends Study, offering inspiration on the trends that will influence the architecture, interior design and the world of decoration of tomorrow. It launched the Sustainable Beauty campaign, based on the plan that guides its sustainability strategy, and sponsored the Michelin Guide Gala in Spain and Portugal, Italy and Germany.


Openings full of illusion


Neolith started the year by opening a new distribution center in Katowice, Poland. A strategic center to cater the growing demand for Neolith in central Europe and bring the brand closer to professionals and end consumers. It continued with Milan, Italy, with the opening of a new distribution center and urban showroom that accentuates its presence in the epicenter of global design and fashion.



Alongside the local distributor, Neolith also opened an incredible showroom in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the first in the country which constitutes a new meeting point and inspiration for architects and designers. The firm continued to expand his presence in China with the opening of the Shanghai Living Art Gallery of Techsize, his partner in the region, in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan center of culture and design, elevating his concept of “creating spaces to be lived.”



All of them will soon be joined by the openings of Neolith’s new distribution centers in Los Angeles, United States; Leeds, in the United Kingdom and Gothenburg, in Sweden, to continue addressing the growing interest in the brand around the world.


Prestigious product prizes and awards


The international fair Cevisama 2023, held in Valencia, Spain, a benchmark in the ceramic, bathroom equipment and natural stone sector, awarded Neolith with two important recognitions: on one hand, the Alfa de Oro for Innovation for Neolith Iconic Design, a series with 3D printing technology that reproduces colors throughout the whole volume of the piece. On the other hand, Neolith also won the first “Interior Design Award for the best stand”, showing that the firm is setting the trends in the sector.