Anniken Jørgensen

Oslo, Norway


A dream
Calacatta kitchen

Project location: Oslo, Norway
Project type:        Kitchen
Neolith materials:   

Neolith Calacatta 

Anniken Jørgensen is a well-known content creator in Norway focused on fashion and beauty. She also has a jewelry brand with her partner and is a lover of elegance and noble materials overall.


Her soft spot for marbles is evident throughout her apartment in Oslo, where she wanted to maintain this style in the kitchen as well, providing continuity in the spaces, and reflecting her essence and personality.

Why choose between beauty and functionality?

One of Anniken's premises for the design of her kitchen was to choose a material that would appeal to the eye, but at the same time be highly durable and resistant. She wanted something different from her previous apartment, where she had classic Carrara marble that had been spoiled by food stains, drink and the flowers she loves so much.


At Scan Granitt’s showroom, our Norwegian distributor, she fell in love with Neolith Calacatta; not only for its design, but also for its technical qualities.



 "… I was really surprised when I saw a large stone surface and asked what marble it was. It was not marble, but a Neolith table made of 100% natural material, without binders. The best of all? It resists absolutely everything. ¨."

A worktop for
cooking with
total freedom


Anniken loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen with her friends. With her Neolith countertops, stains caused by wine acid are no longer a problem, nor are blows, scratches nor temperature.


Neolith sintered stones also convinced her as it does not require maintenance, it is ultra-hygienic since it is practically non-porous, and it is very easy to clean.

Marbled veins
extend throughout
the kitchen

Neolith Calacatta offers many application possibilities when designing a space, which made Anniken decide to extend it to the backsplash cladding and the kitchen island, as well.


The different variations in their veins design allows to create a sense of continuity between different pieces, and thus emulate natural marble. This effect applied to the countertops and backsplash enlarges the surfaces, providing style and excellence.


This kitchen inspires sophistication without neglecting its high functionality. Its light tones reflect the beams of natural light, inviting you to enjoy everyday life and share memorable sensations.

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