Neolith Unveils New Silica-Free Surfaces

Neolith, a global leader in the architectural stone surface industry, is set to release a groundbreaking new silica-free surface in mid-2024, fortifying its stance as a long-standing sustainability pioneer.

This innovative new product line is devoid of crystalline silica, with the first colours in the new formulation set to be Artic White and Abu Dhabi White in a 20mm thickness




By eliminating crystalline silica entirely, Neolith aims to close the circle encompassing the entire value chain, prioritising the wellbeing of everyone involved in the material handling and manufacturing process, and safeguarding the most important element: people. With this bold step forward in innovation and prevention, Neolith is poised to offer a product that sets new standards of sustainability. This move not only demonstrates Neolith's dedication to pushing boundaries, but also reflects its deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility and advancing industry standards.


Neolith has maintained a historic commitment to the environment with stringent safety standards, exemplified by its current production practices. In addition, certain colour variants already incorporate up to 98% recycled raw materials, while all surfaces are 100% recyclable and manufactured in carbon-neutral conditions.


Unlike conventional quartz-based surfaces, Neolith undergoes a unique manufacturing process that involves subjecting natural raw materials to high heat and pressure, resulting in a sintered compact surface. This proprietary approach places Neolith in a category of its own, promising a distinctive and pioneering choice for a variety of applications.


In alignment with its commitment to unparalleled service excellence and environmental conservation, Neolith meticulously selects premium raw materials such as clays and kaolin. This careful selection mirrors the composition of coveted materials like marble and natural stone, positioning Neolith at the forefront of sustainable products. This not only ensures superior quality, but underscores Neolith's dedication to creating surfaces that stand out in terms of both performance and environmental responsibility.




Neolith surfaces are also manufactured in a way that is gentle on the earth. At Neolith’s production plant, 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable sources, all water used is recycled, and more than 96% of its industrial waste is recycled or reused. The Neolith plant is also carbon-neutral in all its main scopes. Evidence of this lies in its recently obtained Bureau Veritas ‘Zero Waste’ Excellent certification and EcoVadis Gold certification, which place Neolith in the 98th percentile of the industry and corroborate that it operates under environmental, social, sustainable procurement, corporate governance and ethics standards of excellence.


In a landscape where environmental responsibility is paramount, companies like Neolith, championing objectives aligned with a lower environmental impact, are integral to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals. Neolith actively promotes sustainability in its processes and materials and proudly participates as a member of the UN Global Compact Spain construction and engineering sector working group, actively seeking to integrate sustainability into their operational ethos.




Neolith already has two operational distribution hubs in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), with material readily available and the newest generation of Neolith silica-free surfaces shipping soon, ensuring a constant and accessible offer for Australian designers and homeowners.

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