A kitchen where memories are made

The Persbrandt's residence in Sweden displays spaces full of life

A relaxed space in which to enjoy life, in a place surrounded by nature.

Project location:  Stockholm, Sweden
Project type:        Private residence
Neolith materials:      

Himalaya Crystal 

Located in the green south of Stockholm, Sweden, the Persbrandt's private residence exudes a relaxed space in which to enjoy life, in a place surrounded by nature.

Mikael Persbrandt and his partner, Swedish journalist Sanna Lundell, say:

"Our home is everything to us. It represents our oasis, our zen place, and especially the room we love the most is the kitchen: a place to share experiences, to enjoy and to bond." 


That is why the couple paid special attention to the materials that would make up this space, since for them it is a place where they spend a lot of time and where they enjoy the presence of their family and their most intimate surroundings. 


For Persbrandt, Neolith Himalaya Crystal, which was the model chosen for their countertop and kitchen table, is a design that blends with nature, perfect for a home surrounded by forest. According to Lundell, what she loves about the model is that it perfectly represents their location and the tranquility that emanates from the ancient oak trees that surround them.


The calmness of the exterior is reflected in the interior, with all its brightness and firmness. Persbrandt has always had kitchens with marble, a very beautiful material, but at the same time, very difficult to care of. At first he was reluctant to change, but he discovered that Neolith is much more compact and dense in its structure, while at the same time easier to maintain compared to noble materials such as marble. In addition, it has superior technical characteristics and is one of the most sustainable materials on the market, a fact that was very attractive to him and made him opt for this surface.

With an Ultrasoft matte finish, which gives the model softness and depth, Himalaya Crystal stands out for its interpretation of quartz and its visible veins. A true homage to the salt crystals of the highest peak in the world, recalling a majestic and ethereal landscape where time seems to stand still.


The Persbrandt residence welcomes many guests.

Apart from their large family, they receive visits from their private circle of friends and indeed, Neolith Himalaya Crystal brings the serenity and practicality they were looking for to the room.  

This combination of functionality and aesthetics is ideal and makes it perfect to work in. "We never thought we would feel so much like cooking because of it, but in fact, we do!" says Sanna.


Because both Persbrandt and his wife love spending time in the kitchen. According to the couple, it's the first place they go and the last place they leave before going to bed, where they love spending time with their children, learning and growing old together, just like the oak trees that surround them outside.


Neolith can now be purchased directly in Sweden. The firm has recently opened a new distribution center located in Gothemburg, strategically located to meet the demand of the Scandinavian region and the growing needs of an increasingly demanding public committed to sustainability.  

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