Exclusiveness in every little detail.

A home is made up of each and every detail in a room and the furniture is key to giving your home the personality you’re looking for. With Neolith, the furniture in your home: in your living room, your bedroom, your office... will all stand out as deserved as unique spaces with their own style.


Dare to create combinations that make an impact and surprise with ideas you won’t find anywhere else. Give each room its own personality by taking care of the details that make them unique. Neolith materials are not only suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as you can create a home with shared materials and style throughout every room.

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Neolith furniture

Coffee tables

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Design that creates atmospheres.

Neolith furniture creates an atmosphere in every room. The low weight due to the thinness means it is an easy-to-handle material which allows for an endless number of finishes. The result is clearly outstanding: exclusive furniture with unbeatable looks and resistance to give your spaces that incredible touch of design.


Give each room some personality. Use our wide range of finishes and materials. Mix and match furniture and cladding to get your dream home.

The perfect furniture for any room.

The versatility and design of Neolith sintered stone means you can create the furniture you choose. The hardness and resistance make it perfect for any type of use, whether residential or public. From designer furniture to office furnishings, Neolith’s large-size format allows you to create the ideal table for the whole family or the perfect table for a company meeting room.


Neolith produces with the best natural and recycled materials, creating impermeable sintered stone that’s resistant to scratching and high temperatures in addition to being easy to clean and disinfect. Unique features for unique furnishings.

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