Swimming pools

A custom-designed oasis.

Neolith pools can be integrated with outdoor areas and connected to the inside of homes for even more possibilities of use and enjoyment. They provide opportunities to swim, play, sunbathe, read, enjoy a nice lunch and long conversation afterwards or even unforgettable suppers.


Pool floors can be perfectly integrated into any atmosphere to create continuity and harmony all while maintaining the essence of your home at all times. There are no limits for Neolith. Its versatility and design allow you to find the perfect fit for each space and create your own oasis just as you’ve always imagined.

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Resistant and elegant pool flooring.

Some of the Neolith sintered stone collection comes in a non-slip finish which is perfect for a completely safe non-slip pool floor.


Pools with continuous flooring from the porch all the way into the home, creating a whole unitary look, are being built with Neolith surfaces thanks to its large format for amazing esthetics and innovative designs.

No worries.

The extraordinary properties of Neolith mean you’ll have complete peace of mind. Don’t worry about the acid found in some pool flooring cleaners because the Neolith sintered stone production process provides high resistance which prevents staining.


UV rays and temperature changes are not a problem either. This outdoor pool tiling is resistant to high and low temperatures as well as UV rays with no color or material deterioration.

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