VM System

Visible Mechanical Fastening Fixation

This system consists of a metallic self-supporting substructure kit for ventilated façades, designed to support ceramic coatings of different formats and thicknesses. It has been developed for Neolith façades based on a visible mechanical fastening system composed of sustentation and retention brackets, vertical “T” or “L”-shaped profi les and safety clips upon which the cladding system rests.


Flatness of the vertical T or L-shaped profi les is achieved thanks to the supporting and retention brackets or spacers. Complete fl atness will depend on whether the profi les match exactly the joints between the slabs, correcting possible deviations on the interior layer of the façade to cladding.


The clamps responsible for sustaining the structure described above are located on Neolith slab as well as on a grooved area for the application of adhesive, granting greater security to the system.

VM System horizontal and vertical sections

1.  Thermal insulation 


2.  Vertical aluminum profile "T" or "L"


3.  Aluminum brackets


4.  Stainless steel clip or staple


5.  Adhesive 


6.  Neolith slab


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VM System Installation Steps

Substructure distribution and installation: 



Dimensions of the perpendicular substructure depends on the façade construction. The distances between the substructure battens and their width are determined by the load requirements and by the type of panel used.



Application method: 


Position and screw Aluminum Clip supporting system, distance between clips are determinate by engineering loads calculus, take in care if clips are bottom-coronation or standard type.


Apply Structural Adhesive in a triangular bead by using the triangular nozzle supplied (width 0,315″, height 0,39″) on fluted channel of T profile.


Place the cladding Neolith® panel on the position, insert the slab into the aluminum clip system and precisely and press them firmly until they contact the Structural Adhesive Panel fixing, subsequently close the fixation in the upper part with next line of aluminum clips.


Vertical joint will limited up to 1/8″.


General Specs


Minimum Joint Requirements – 1/8″


Standard Air Flow Gap between back of panel and exterior insulation – Standard Air Gap 4”


Maximum Wind Load vs Panel size vs Support spacing – ind Load 1580Pa vs 126”x60” vs Vertical Supp. 39,37”





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