HC Slim System

Hidden system with chemical fixation without regulation

This construction solution is designed for both interior and exterior wall cladding with 6 mm thick Neolith panels. It is a hidden mounting system that uses a longitudinal chemical-elastic fixing on vertical "Omega" or "Z" profiles, depending on whether the profiles coincide with the joints between panels or intermediate reinforcement.


Due to the reduced space (22 mm) that the system needs, it is ideal for cladding perfectly plumb interior walls. A minimun horizontal and vertical joint of 5 mm between Neolith panels recomended



HC Slim System horizontal and vertical sections

1. Vertical "Omega" profile


2. Vertical "Z" profile


3. Adhesive


4. Double-sided tape adhesive


5. Neolith Slab



Download Technical Data Sheet  

HC Slim System Installation

The distances between profiles depend on the façade  or wall cladding design, the type of wall and/or building  structure and the very location of the building. The vertical profiles are installed against the wall using fixed anchors.

Chemical fixing involves applying adhesive and double-sided self-adhesive tape directly to the vertical profiles. For good adhesion, the Neolith panels and vertical profiles must be pre-treated. The general steps are described below:



Pre-treat the profiles.  The profiles must be pre-treated after being fixed and must be clean and dry as well as free of any grease, dust or any other substance that could prevent the adherence of the products to them.


Primer in a continuous layer must be applied to aluminum profiles by firmly rubbing and allowing to dry for at least the minimum time indicated on the product technical data sheet




Apply double-sided adhesive tape. Once the pre-treatment on the panel has dried, double-sided adhesive tape must be affixed to the profiles vertically and continuously.


This tape is used to initially secure the cladding panels until the adhesive is fully cured (or polymerized) and to ensure the correct dimensions of the adhesive bead



Pre-treat the panels. A cleaner or activator must be applied to at least the part of the panels that will be in contact with the adhesive (minimum width of 10-15 cm) following the manufacturer’s recommendations and allowing to dry for at least the minimum time indicated on the product technical data sheet





Add the adhesive. The adhesive shall only be applied vertically and continuously to form a triangular bead using the special V-shaped nozzle.Note that the adhesive must always be applied at between +5 ºC (41ºF) and +35 ºC (95 ºF) in temperature.



Position the panel. After removing the protective paper from the double-sided adhesive tape, position the Neolith panel within 10 minutes of applying the adhesive. Once the panel is positioned correctly, press firmly and rub to create contact with the tape. Once the panel is in contact with the tape, no further corrections will be possible.






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