NEOLITH® + Pureti

Pureti, Self-Cleaning and Sustainable Facades

Urban air pollution is a serious problem in big cities as it exceeds the safety limits for human health in many cases. To this end, a directive has already been passed in Europe whereby the EU must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050, in comparison to the 1990 levels.

In response to this serious problem, Neolith has joined the environmental conservation efforts with the market launch of a revolutionary treatment for its SKYLINE facade line: PURETI.



What is Pureti?

It’s an aqueous and titanium dioxide nanoparticle-based treatment that is sprayed on NEOLITH® to create a photocatalytic, self-cleaning and decontaminating effect.

What does it consist of?

The Pureti treatment makes the facades continuously self-cleaning in addition to reducing the contaminating agents and, thus, improving air quality.

How does it work?

The NEOLITH® + Pureti technology creates self-cleaning surfaces that purify the air by means of two fundamental processes: PHOTOCATALYSIS and SUPERHYDROPHILICITY.

Over time, building facades become dirty and full of contaminating agents that are carried through the air to the surface.

When the surface enters into contact with sunlight (or some LED lights), titanium dioxide particles are activated which use light energy to transform the moisture in the air into oxidizing agents which destroy the nitrogen dioxide particles and contaminating agents and transform them into water vapor and salt.

This process, which is known as PHOTOCATALYSIS, is repeated millions of times per second until all contaminants are destroyed, meaning the surface is constantly being self-cleaned.

SUPERHYDROPHILICITY is produced to complete the treatment action. Thanks to the properties of NEOLITH® + Pureti facades, water expands on the surface evenly when it rains to drag and remove any remaining dirt particles. This leaves the surface completely clean without any water marks.

What are the benefits?

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Due to the Photocatalytic effect produced

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As substances that are harmful to the environment are neutralized

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As bacterial growth is stopped

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As they completely eliminate bad organic odors

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As the air we breathe is constantly purified and improved

reverses pollution

Every 4 m2 = The decontaminating effect of a tree

air quality

Every m2 = Removes 1 car from the road for 1 year

Environmental Certification

The NEOLITH® + Pureti technology is NSF certified and receives LEED points when requested.

The European Union project that includes Pureti, iScape, was named by Horizon 2020 as one of the breakthrough technologies to shape the European Union in the next 60 years.



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