Kitchen cladding

Spaces with unique personality

Begin thinking about what kind of personality you’d like to see in your kitchen: elegant, sophisticated, natural... and decide how to dress it up for the occasion. Take the harmony you’re looking for to the entire area, dressing up walls, furniture… everything you can imagine to create a unique environment. Make it the absolute star of your home.

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The quality of Neolith kitchen cladding

Resistant and versatile

With Neolith materials, you can create a resistant anti-splash panel for your kitchen that’s easy to clean and ultra-hygienic or clad the walls for some irresistible personality.

Quality and durability

Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that get the most use, so they must be long-lasting. The quality and durability of the cladding on your kitchen floor and walls are key to enjoying it for a long time.

Easy hygiene

Neolith cladding helps maintain order and cleanliness while cooking. The hardness allows you to work “fearlessly” knowing that it won’t scratch, stain or break. Plus, hygiene is guaranteed throughout the process which prevents food contamination.

One material, an endless number of possibilities for dressing up your kitchen.

With an endless number of colors, finishes and polishes, Neolith materials have one mission: to turn your kitchen cladding into a work of art. Combine different models to emphasize that kitchen backsplash you love so much or choose to highlight a particular piece of furniture or wall by covering it with Neolith.


The range of Neolith finishes adds personality, variety and beauty to each surface. Unique, innovative and timeless, they range from a natural effect to glossy metallic. Rugged textures that evoke special sensations to the touch, materials polished to perfection, natural reliefs… 

Characteristics that make your kitchen unique.

The impermeability, ease of cleaning and resistance to high temperatures and scratching make Neolith sintered stone the best choice for your kitchen cladding.


The composition means they’re impermeable to most chemicals and can be disinfected even with the most powerful cleaners without affecting the surface.

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