Outdoor kitchens

Times to share and enjoy.

Some of those very special times with loved ones can be enjoyed even more when you create a Neolith outdoor kitchen. Those endless moonlight dinners with family or friends, sharing unique flavors, and those celebratory meals as you all laugh well into the night.


With Neolith, you can create an outdoor kitchen for a terrace or garden that adapts to your needs and is resistant for meeting any time you feel like it. To continue having so many more shared moments.

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Essential elements in your Neolith outdoor kitchen


Outdoor areas are designed to be used any time of the year and the key is using materials that can remain outside. Neolith allows you to clad your outdoor kitchen knowing it will remain intact with the passing of time.


An essential factor for an outdoor kitchen. It not only has to resist moisture and continuous use, it also has to remain in perfect conditions following rain or snow.


Neolith is the perfect surface for cooking as it’s a surface without any type of porosity. Due to the large-size format, there are barely any seams anywhere which makes it very clean design-wise and hygiene-wise.

The outdoor kitchen you want.

Take all that style from the interior of your home to the exterior so it all reflects the same harmony or create something completely new. Add the outdoor countertop you like the most, install a large sink or panel the cabinets to give it continuity nd make it an inspiring space.


We create unique spaces so your outdoor kitchen remains completely functional. With Neolith, you can make it resist any change in temperature without losing any of the warmth of a gathering place. Neolith will bring your dream kitchen to life.


Design your kitchen with no limits.

Neolith sintered stone is the perfect solution for outdoor kitchens and grills. So you can enjoy it all without worrying about a thing. The hardness and resistance to changes in temperature and scratching mean it won’t get damaged by UV rays, rain or extreme weather conditions.


Plus, just like all Neolith kitchens, it will be impermeable, resistant to liquids and chemicals, easy to clean and ultra-hygienic. Everything you could ever hope for to cook as you want.

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