Bathroom cladding

Wrap yourself in sensations.

Bathrooms are a place to relax and find time for self-care. And with Neolith bathroom cladding, you’ll get the perfect balance for those special moments. Turn your bathroom into a harmonious place with colors that transmit peace and serenity.


All you have to do is imagine the design you want, the sensations you seek and decorate your bathroom to create that special place that’s all yours. Are you into light colors? Would you like to create a natural space? Or are you dreaming of a bathroom with metallic cladding?


Neolith sintered stone surfaces provide a real turning point as they offer breakthrough and functional solutions whatever design is chosen.

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The quality of Neolith bathroom cladding

Resistant and impermeable

The materials we’ve designed are highly resistant and adapt to any space you wish to create.

Durability and versatility

With all the different formats and thicknesses available, the same material can be used throughout an entire bathroom for seamless flooring and walls as well as sinks and shower trays. A complete wall can even be covered with just a single slab.

Easy hygiene

Neolith is an easy-to-clean material as it does not absorb residue, thereby guaranteeing good hygiene. It is also resistant to most chemical agents used in cleaning.

A natural atmosphere, unique contrasts

The infinite number of Neolith models and finishes provides a wide range of possibilities for turning your bathroom into the place you’ve always imagined, with a natural and sophisticated feel. Create unique contrasts with the different veins of The New Classtone models. From the golden vein of Himalaya Cristal to the elegant grey vein of Estatuario.


Imagine how you want the walls, furniture and even the shower walls in your new bathroom to look. Neolith materials will turn your idea into reality thanks to its versatility and various thicknesses. There are no limits for your dream space.

An unalterable bathroom with Neolith cladding.

Choose the ideal materials that are moisture-resistant as well as resistant to hygiene and cleaning products. Neolith sintered stone remains unaltered when using hygiene products because of its impermeability. Plus, it’s resistant to scratching and easy to clean and disinfect so your bathroom will always look just like it did the very first day.


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