Neolith is driving the new wellness trend with spaces that foster balance and well-being

  • Wellness is the new paradigm, the new object of desire. Holistic wellness where spatial design is key, thus creating a new category—healthy buildings. 


  • Neolith surfaces make it possible to create functional and attractive spaces that facilitate movement as key decorative elements that can be easily combined with biophilic environments to flowingly connect interiors and exteriors.  


  • When it comes to hotels, architecture and interior design aim to reflect their guests’ aspirations and lifestyle goals by creating spaces that not only invite them to relax and disconnect but are also conceived to regenerate the mind and body.  


Wellness is considered the new paradigm where well-being and self-care are key in holistic design and contribute to the creation of spaces, thus generating a new category—healthy buildings—which feature all-natural materials, thermal and acoustic insulation, moisture control systems, air renewal and purification as well as lighting systems in addition to being sustainable and eco-efficient. 


According to the trends book Inspiring Living For Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024 by Neolith, these “safe havens” also feature other elements associated with physical, psychological, emotional, social, professional, environmental and spiritual care. It’s a model now being taken into account by brands, professionals and institutions when designing public areas aimed at encouraging wellness. And doing so is not enough as users need to perceive a purpose offering real value in providing them with a feeling of shelter, joy and satisfaction.  


The surface that helps create safe havens  

Neolith surfaces are the preferred material when turning this new model into a reality. They enable the creation of solid, open, organized spaces that facilitate movement. The functional features of Neolith mean these surfaces are easy-to-clean, resistant, natural, ultra-hygienic and attractive in addition to being a key decorative element that can be easily combined with plants, vertical gardens and indoor vegetable patches to achieve biophilic environments that flowingly connect interiors and exteriors.  


Their hardness and durability allow them to be used outdoors and indoors all while guaranteeing the utmost hygiene and contributing to the prevention of food contamination with the brand’s NeolEAT technology. This Neolith-exclusive technology is one more step as the material itself includes protection to help prevent the proliferation of bacteria. 



Regenerating atmospheres 

Architectural planning and interior design for hotels also promote healthier, greener and more sustainable lifestyles. First impressions count, especially in hotels. This means the architecture and design must reflect the aspirations and lifestyles of their guests who seek to experience moments that make their mark and, above all, provoke emotions. Just as occurs with interiors, the perception of exteriors is fundamental. The ultimate purpose is to achieve mimicry between the environment and the facility, offering customers an idea of what they can expect from the indoor space with the singularity of boasting surfaces that provide thermal and acoustic insulation, impermeability and solar protection. Neolith is currently working on a number of hotel projects where its surfaces can be found indoors and outdoors, as well as on countertops, cladding, flooring and exclusive furnishings.  


In order to do so, the brand has a wide range of colors from hyper-realistic natural patterns to unusual effects from another world which can complement or enhance any type of concept. Combining all of this with attributes such as low maintenance and seamless applications, Neolith develops projects for classic and modern buildings needing rehabilitation as well as new construction with materials that provide endless design possibilities.  


Interiors seeking something exquisite and a whole lot of charm Today’s new luxury hotels are custom-designed to meet all of their guests’ needs and promote a hedonist lifestyle focusing on quality, experiences and enjoyment as they bring life’s little pleasures to people’s day-to-day. Neolith works to create singular, unique and different spaces in the same projects and to generate extraordinary experiences and spaces for living. With dreamy terraces and room interiors where the “touch.feel.live” philosophy is intensely applied to create a visually pleasing effect, Neolith surfaces induce a therapeutic, restorative and comforting sensation.  


With this new model, design has a regenerative mission based on 360º projects that include environmental respect, self-care and conscious nutrition where silence and privacy are luxuries within anyone’s reach and where hygiene is the norm. Spaces that are like “safe dens”, physically and emotionally. A connected den where wellness and harmony are requirements. 

Neolith fosters well-being 

Beyond inspiring new trends in architecture through its first study Inspiring Living for Tomorrow and contributing to the creation of spaces dedicated to enjoyment and self-care, the Neolith commitment and its sustainable DNA make its sintered stone surfaces some of the most environmentally-respectful. 


100% natural and recyclable, Neolith surfaces are made with up to 98% recycled raw materials in some models with no added quartz meaning they are products with one of the lowest quantities of silica on the market. All of their manufacturing processes are sustainable and the company produces its own energy by recycling all the water it uses. These advances are the result of heavy investment in R&D&i leading to material with superior technical characteristics as concerns functionality and sustainability.  




“At Neolith, we not only create exceptional surfaces but we also build dreams. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability have pushed us to elevating the art of architecture and interior design by creating spaces that transcend the imagination and arouse emotions. Each Neolith surface is an invitation to enjoying extraordinary experiences submerged in a world of beauty, functionality and wellness. We are proud to be a part of our customers’ transformation journey, accompanying them in the creation of unique and memorable spaces,” says Oliver de la Rica, CMO of Neolith Group. 


With this approach, Neolith is meeting one of the market’s greatest demands by creating new design opportunities all while looking after the environment we live in.  


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