Neolith makes good on its 20,000 euro donation to Cáritas and the Almassora Food Bank, announced during the Santa Quitèria festival

  • The donation to the city’s associations was formalized on Tuesday at the Neolith Group headquarters in Almassora, Castellón.  


  • Thus, Neolith continues to demonstrate its commitment to society and reaffirms its goal of creating unique spaces for living all while helping to create a better world locally and globally.  


Neolith, the world leader in the manufacture of sintered stone, made good last Tuesday on the donation to the institutions Cáritas and the Almassora Food Bank the company announced upon receiving the Cauldron of Honor from the City Hall in recognition for its constant growth in the area, the creation of jobs, its commitment to innovation and the recent merits earned in the sector during the Santa Quitèria festival on the most emblematic day for the city—May 22nd.  




The donation signing ceremony was held at the Neolith Group’s facilities with representatives from the social organizations, Enrique Costa, President of Cáritas Almassora, and Santiago Miralles, President of the Castellón Food Bank, as well as the acting mayor of the city of Almassora, Merche Galí in addition to José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith Group, accompanied by various members of the company’s Executive Committee, all in attendance.  


“From the very beginning, Neolith has always been focused on looking after the environment and contributing to the society we live in. Our goal is to continue betting on innovation and development to create excellent products under standards of sustainability and social responsibility. And this is why we are so proud to collaborate with local and international entities as a way to continue doing our own little part in making this a better world,” said José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith Group. 


This action is part of the general Neolith sustainability plan known as Sustainable Beauty, specifically in the area of Sustainable Community, which encompasses all social actions aimed at contributing to society and all communities in general, always putting people first and caring for all the professionals who are a part of its value chain. 




On the other hand, Merche Galí, the current mayor of Almassora, said she joyfully welcomed the announcement of the donation to these two local associations given that “they share common values that not only have to do with giving, but also how to give, giving with dignity. And that’s something I highly admire and appreciate.”  

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