Elegance and sustainability at WA Residence

Kota Baru Parahyangan, Indonesia

A private residence in harmony with nature

Project location: Kota Baru Parahyangan, Indonesia 
Project type:      Private residence
Neolith materials:

Krater, Zaha Stone, Iron Frost, Estatuario 

WA Residence is located in Kota Baru Parahyangan, the first and largest city independent of Bandung that prioritizes educational excellence as the best investment for progress and, above all, the development and planning of the city itself, which has been carried out in a sustainable way and in harmony with the nature and the environment. 


Proof of this is this spectacular 939 square meter residence owned by the Yang family, who opted for Neolith in multiple rooms of their home as an ode to sustainable beauty. 

Inspired by the nature

INERRE Interior, the interior design studio in charge of this project, had the objective of incorporating their values into every aspect of this very modern house, creating a modern haven that celebrates the beauty of sustainability in harmony with nature. For this reason, the interior designers chose a material like Neolith, which combines timelessness with a sustainable commitment. 


The models chosen in this occasion were Zaha Stone, Krater, Iron Frost and Estatuario Silk to dress different spaces and give continuity, as well as elegance, to each of the rooms, combining the exterior environment with the interior and incorporating biophilic elements inside this majestic residence. 


1. Class and subtlety


For the master bathroom, INERRE Interior opted for a classic from The New Classtone marble collection, Neolith Estatuario. A symbol of wealth and status, marble is one of the oldest materials used in interior design, present throughout the centuries in palaces, mansions, and residences around the world. This model is inspired by one of the most classic and best-valued natural stones, characterized by its grayish vein on a white background, which was used for the flooring, wall covering and bathroom countertop, providing timelessness and the strength of natural stone, but with a surface which has superior technical characteristics. 



2. Sustainable and functional character


The interior designers of WA Residence created a dining room with views to the outside, where nature plays a fundamental role both inside and outside the home. The space is a hymn to the environment through the Neolith Estatuario model in a Silk finish on the floor, which gives a palace-like appearance to this spacious room, and Neolith Zaha Stone for the main dining table, a timeless proposal with a natural finish, which brings a lot of functionality to this area of the house. 




3. Sobriety and beauty

A combination of marble and iron takes place in the kitchen area, where Neolith Statuary has been used in the flooring, combining it with the personality of Neolith Iron Frost, which creates a very modern and sober environment with great strength. 




4. Industrial and modern

Neolith Zaha Stone was chosen for the office area, providing the table with boldness and, at the same time, modernity. Inspired by the famous Turkish marble, the grey background design with fine veins characterized by their whiteness makes it a timeless model that, even combining it with natural elements such as wood, maintain its own personality.