An avant-garde home in the heart of South Africa

Rustenburg, South Africa


Stunning 758m2 residential villa

Project location:              Rustenburg, South Africa
Project type:                        Kitchen, Bathroom
Neolith materials:        

Neolith Zaha Stone

Neolith Krater

This stunning 758m2 residential villa is located in Rustemburg, South Africa. 

The authors of this project, Theo Bothma Architects & Design, state that, 


"from conception to completion, this design emulates a life of luxury and elegance, where different materials, tones and textures have been combined to achieve an open layout and still provide subtle tailored touches




A sophisticated staircase made to measure with Neolith Krater

If there is one thing that stands out in this project, it is the majestic staircase in the centre of the villa, where Neolith Krater has been used. A model with a lot of personality, inspired by slate and using volcanic stones as a reference. The result is a staircase with a lot of personality that will take your breath away. 

Two kitchen islands that complement one another

The kitchen has been designed to continue the elegant and sophisticated aesthetics of the rest of the villa. For this reason, the Neolith Krater model has been used in both the kitchens of the house, both inside and outside. If we take into account design and functionality, Neolith is the ideal choice for the various applications in a kitchen. This is due to its high resistance to knocks and scratches, its low absorption and ease of cleaning, all without compromising on design and aesthetics. 

A wellness bathroom: a space to improve your wellbeing

Neolith Zaha Stone was used in the main bathroom, a model inspired by Turkish marble, giving the room a more industrial and modern touch. Its grey background design with fine white veins makes it a timeless model that will enhance any room. 

In the guest bathroom, as in the kitchen, the Krater model by Neolith was used, integrating perfectly with the wood to give the space a timeless and fresh look, without losing the sense of elegance.