The Design Duo series & Neolith

Somerton Park, Adelaide, Australia


Alisa and Lysandra showcase their homes in their new Twin-Home Renovation series The Design Duo

Project location:                      Somerton Park, Adelaide, Australia
Project type:                                     Terrace, Kitchen, Bedroom
Neolith materials:                

Neolith Shilin

Neolith Himalaya Crystal

Neolith Calacatta Luxe

In the enchanting coastal suburb of Somerton Park, Adelaide, the dynamic Design Duo, Alisa and Lysandra, renowned for their victory on the iconic Australian television show, The Block, have once again captured the hearts of design enthusiasts with their latest venture, "The Design Duo’s Twin Off." In this captivating renovation series, the twin sisters embark on a creative journey that pushes their talents to new heights, and Neolith is at the heart of their vision.


While Alisa and Lysandra typically collaborate seamlessly, this season brings a captivating twist as they compete against each other to craft the interiors of their adjacent family homes. The challenge? To win the audience's favor, who will vote for their favourite project.

Alisa's contemporary-style terrace radiates sensuality

Alisa's design exudes an inviting aura of relaxation and memorable living. Neolith Shilin takes center stage in this outdoor oasis, gracing the pavement, pool area, kitchen, and barbecue space. Its surface, inspired by the natural world, effortlessly connects us with organic and sensory elements. The light tone of Neolith Shilin bathes the contemporary outdoor environment in gentle illumination and tranquility.


This design seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings, evoking the serene beauty of nearby sand dunes, connecting the space back to the tranquility of nature. Alisa's choice of Neolith goes beyond aesthetics; it boasts superior technical qualities. Its resistance to humidity and bacteria make it ideal for swimming pool areas, while its capacity to withstand heat and stains renders it perfect for barbecues and kitchens.



Lysandra goes for an urban-luxe style with richer tones and finishes

In a stunning display of urban-luxe style, Lysandra's design radiates opulence with richer tones and sumptuous finishes. Neolith's cladding elevates the project to new heights, infusing class and elegance into every facet. For the barbecue area, Lysandra opted for the exquisite Himalaya Crystal, which exudes natural elegance with a hint of rustic charm, creating captivating contrasts in a space designed for enjoyment.


The bedroom, a haven of intimacy, is adorned with a headboard enveloped in Neolith Neolith Calacatta Luxe. Its sophisticated and exotic aesthetics bring a touch of class and warmth to this private sanctuary. Neolith's versatility shines here, as it proves suitable for bedroom cladding, thanks to its resistance properties and slim thicknesses of up to 6mm, perfect for headboards and various other applications.


Neolith's remarkable adaptability enables the creation of unique spaces tailored to diverse technical needs. The Design Duo's Paradise Point project is yet another testament to their creative prowess, where Neolith models grace the outdoor kitchen of this idyllic space.

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