The San Enrique de Osso kitchen

Madrid, Spain


Design for

Project location:  Madrid, Spain
Project type:        Kitchen
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Pietra di Luna

Neolith Himalaya Crystal 

An integrated or separate kitchen. Why choose when you can enjoy both options?


In this project, the interior design studio Devesa & Agenjo Interior Design has found a solution to a request from the owner of this home, who was looking to link the living room with the kitchen in order to make it more dynamic and functional, while enjoying them as give it greater dynamism and functionality, and at the same time enjoy them as independent spaces.


The property is located in the prestigious residential area of La Moraleja in Madrid, and is in keeping with the natural and architectural surroundings. The simple and organic elegance of this kitchen invites you to enjoy daily living with plenitude and optimism.




The cascading kitchen bar at the heart of the project

The Neolith model Himalaya Cristal Right from the start, it seduced the owner so much that it was proposed as the focal point of the space, to be admired from the living room. 


At Neolith, we worship nature, both in our proposals and in the finishes of our materials, so this worktop undoubtedly captivates with its organic and sensual beauty.


However, we are not only inspired by appearance. We also emulate natural process in the way we produce our collections, and we try to recycle and reuse materials to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Another of the premises to be solved in the project was to have the option of being able to isolate both spaces, at certain times when this was desired. The sliding glass doors and the well-thought-out layout have successfully met this requirement of the owner.

Feeling the well-being
of chromatic harmony
in the kitchen

Earth tones dress up the space, bringing warmth and well-being to this designer kitchen. The following model has been selected Pietra di Luna has been selected in the Silk finish, for the sink top and also for the cladding. 

The colour of this product was used to propose the tone for the furniture, in order to create harmony and continuity, and not to detract from the walnut wood and the island.

"A product of high quality and unbeatable aesthetics"


This is the response of the interior design studio Devesa & Agenjo Interiorismo, who have relied on Neolith surfaces for years for their features of sintered stone and the beauty of their designs.


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