Organic beauty for a sophisticated kitchen

Port Macquarie, Australia


The house evokes the
maritime style

Project location:  Port Macquarie, Australia
Project type:            Kitchen
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Calacatta Luxe

Exotic veining runs through the kitchen of this luxurious residence in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. The house evokes the maritime style of the environment, providing colonial and contemporary decorative references.


Choosing Neolith’s Calacatta Luxe is a real statement piece, granting personality and distinction.


Trentini Design studio has chosen this colour in the Silk finish. Its grey, ochre and gold veins generate continuity with the color of the furniture, creating an elegant and avant-garde feel.




The intricate pattern of veins gracefully flows across the island, countertops, and backsplash, encompassing and enlarging the area, evoking a captivating sense of elegance and sensory delight.


This particular model harmoniously complements charcoal-toned carpentry, showcasing a perfect blend with blue hues and wood finishes like walnut or oak. Its remarkable versatility shines through its ability to seamlessly pair with gold, steel, or brushed nickel faucets, as well as a wide range of fabric and material shades.

The bluish tones in the furniture, even on the ceiling, remind us of the coastal environment where it is located, referring to this interior design reference, which never goes out of style. The creation is a cozy environment full of details such as moldings and golden tones, which complete the personality of the kitchen.


Textiles, wooden stools, and other organic materials take center stage in this space, infusing a delightful sensory experience into this decorative trend.


Neolith is synonymous with design and maximum functionality

Aesthetics has not been the only determining factor for the choice of the construction surface. A very resistant material was required, since it has been applied directly under the stoves, and had to withstand high temperatures. It also had to be very hygienic and easy to clean, since the extractor hood and the cooking area have been covered.


Neolith sintered stone surfaces are inspired by nature, providing unparalleled designs and finishes. But they also replicate the organic cycle in their production process. Nature takes thousands of years to create beautiful marbles and stones, and at Neolith, also through the action of heat and pressure, we produce beautiful surfaces, with greater hygiene and durability benefits.



Additionally, sustainability is in our DNA from start to finish. Our collections are produced responsibly, always trying to minimize environmental impact, and they are also recyclable, so the materials may have a second life in the future.


The surfaces we encounter shape our daily experiences, and unquestionably, Neolith imbues the kitchen design in this project with abundant personality

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