A dark kitchen with a contemporary appeal

Orangeville, Australia


Bold personality and elegant touch

Project location:          Orangeville, Australia
Project type:                    Kitchen
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Zaha Stone

Neolith Nero

Neolith Krater

Combined to create an industrial style, to this kitchen in Orangeville, Australia, Casa Mammone has been created with a bold personality and an elegant touch. With fine white veins over a grey background, Neolith Zaha Stone has been one of the main components of this kitchen. Inspired by the Turkish marble, it represents a timeless colour model that, together with Krater and Nero, sets the perfect frame for a dark kitchen that bleeds into living and dining areas, aiming to create a look that gives the kitchen a bespoke, furniture-like feel that complements spaces made for relaxation. 



Tiffany and Frank Mammone, the designers and owners of this Orangeville kitchen, stated that choosing Neolith Zaha was a no-brainer.


We wanted a grey, engineered stone that looked luxurious and unique and like real stone


Moreover, they loved the high functionality and durability of the surface, and the fact that they can rest assured about sitting hot pans on it without worrying that it will scratch or mark, so knives can be used directly on the material, as well as citrus and foods that usually stain. 

Three hues to give continuity to other areas of the house

With its rich, industrial-grey base tone and etched, white veins, Neolith Zaha brings instant character and warmth to a predominantly black kitchen, elevating it to something truly special. Zaha stone was used in the kitchen bench and splash back and to give continuity to the space to and other areas like the kitchen hallway, the powder room and the outdoor kitchen table. This does not only create a cohesive look throughout the home but is more sustainable by reducing the wastage and planning multiple items out of one single slab. 


Designed for adding character and impact with darker colours coming to the fore, this black kitchen looks bold and sophisticated, evoking a sense of glamour and luxury. Paired with a matte-black cabinetry, this Orangeville kitchen offers versatility and a stunning contemporary look sticking to a palette of no more than two hues, combined with a warm hand-trowelled micro cement floor.

The sleek feel of the dark kitchen was amplified by opting for seamless lines throughout. Rather than traditional handles, which would have interrupted the clean lines of the cabinetry, shark-nose edging for the drawers and handleless cabinets with soft-close mechanisms were selected, keeping the number of different finishes in the kitchen to a minimum. The fridge and dishwasher were also integrated behind the cabinet doors to make the space feel more sophisticated.


Good lighting is crucial element in a dark kitchen. Casa Mammone gets a lot of natural light, so Tiffany and Frank could be liberal with dark tones. Selecting the right colours for the stone and cabinetry, as well as the one of the artificial lightings was key too, so they balanced black cabinetry with white-washed walls and lighter benchtops and specified a black sink, tapware and hardware, with an ambient warm LED strip lighting.


Neolith as the natural, sustainable and healthy choice for kitchens

Neolith high-performance sintered stone surfaces are a natural, sustainable and a healthy choice for kitchens. Fully recyclable and made from 100% natural materials, they are considered one of the most durable and environmentally friendly products in the industry for indoor and outdoor environments.


With their exclusive NeolEAT technology the material itself includes protection to help preserve food safety in the most demanding of applications by preventing the proliferation of bacteria which are common food safety threats. 

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