Utrecht, Netherlands


A renewed, sustainable
and luminous urban

Project location:      Utrecht, Netherlands
Project type:            Facade
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Strata Argentum

Neolith is fast becoming an eco-friendly surfacing material of choice, for commercial façade systems across Europe.


Recently 1700m2 of Strata Argentum Riverwashed 6mm, was specified across the exterior of Daalsesingel, a managed office space, in Utrecht, Netherlands.


On Target

Global façade design has evolved considerably over the last decade. The EU Net Zero 2050 target means sustainability is now just as important to consideration as durability, longevity and appearance.


Architects are constantly searching for building products and solutions which mitigate the negative climatic effects of excessive CO2 production. Specifying eco-friendly, low impact cladding is one way in which this can be achieved.


Bakers Architecten were immediately drawn to Neolith surfaces, which are manufactured in a carbon neutral environment from 100% natural minerals.


"The client, ASR, wanted three major improvements to the structure: incorporating more natural daylight, improving the appearance and making it as sustainable as possible."


- Bakers Architecten



Strong Performer

While sourcing sustainable surfaces was important, Bakers Architecten also needed a robust and durable material, to withstand the daily impact of city life, meteorological conditions and offer the client long-term value.


"As well as greatly enhancing the appearance the material meets our sustainability brief and also helped reduce fine airborne particles."


- Bakers Architecten


Its inherent properties make it highly resistant to wear and tear and its low porosity also means it’s easy to maintain and clean; this significantly reduces the need for refurbishment at a later date.

Face Value

Bakers Architecten chose Neolith’s Silver Travertine-inspired Strata Argentum for application across the whole façade, attracted by the rich veining and subtle greyish tones of the surface pattern.


"Aesthetically, Strata Argentum Riverwashed, combines with the evenly detailed frames, gives the building a distinctive and urbane appearance, complementing its surroundings."


- Bakers Architecten



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