Neolith Life Museum

Shenzhen, China


The new showroom that
will transport you to the
Chinese homes of today.

Project location:   Shenzhen, China
Project type:        Showroom
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Beton

Neolith Mar del Plata

Neolith Zaha Stone

Neolith Calacatta

Neolith Calacatta Luxe

Neolith Estatuario

Neolith Mont Blanc

Neolith Strata Argentum

Neolith’s surfaces are specified throughout a special exhibition space dedicated to the brand in Shenzhen, China.


Shenzhen, China is one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant contemporary design destinations, and one in which Neolith is making its mark.


Recently applied across the entirety of distributor TechSize’s flagship showroom, both companies have collaborated again, launching a museum dedicated to Neolith.



The overall vision for the 166m2 attraction is to simulate the look and feel of the modern Chinese home, the aspirations of their owners and an overarching desire to embrace the natural world within residential interior design.


"Neolith offers the best of both worlds: not only is it ultra-hygienic and low maintenance, which is important in the home setting, it’s also available in a wide range of highly-detailed patterns. This offers essential flexibility and inspires greater creativity"


- Willow Hu, Willow Design


The eye-catching



As visitors enter the Neolith Life Museum by TechSize, will feel a greater sense of height, breadth and depth is reflected in an on-trend, two-tone kitchen space, specified in two of Neolith’s most sought-after patterns: Nero Marquina and Mont Blanc. The installation, inspired by block colors and geometric shapes.

Making a



Moving to the adjacent lobby, the eye is immediately drawn to a statement wall, specified entirely in Neolith Estatuario. Contrasted with the tobacco-colored furniture and lighted floor, it is the perfect place for quiet contemplation of the many interesting features found in the museum.

A study in

        • Visitors can further marvel at the location’s various ingenious applications of Neolith: sultry and moody with walls and floors of the exotic Mar del Plata, to deliver a highly-individual space, designed for personal reflection.


          The unique atmosphere, complemented with soft lighting, sculpture and a library, evokes how Neolith is a material backed by years of research, skill and knowledge.