Lake Sheen

Florida, USA


A look at a luxury residential project located in an unparalleled setting

Project location:  Florida, USA
Project type:  Residential project
Design: Hardwick General Contracting, CRT Studio Interiors, Rob Turner, Green Apple Architecture y John Drake
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Basalt Black 

Neolith Strata Argentum

Neolith Iron Frost 

Neolith Calacatta Luxe

Neolith Phedra

Lake Sheen is a remarkable residential project in the Butler Chain of Lakes, in Florida. Integration into this natural environment and altering it as minimally as possible were some of the goals set for the construction work. Hardwick General Contracting, CRT Studio Interiors, designer Rob Turner, Green Apple Architecture and architect John Drake, all highly relevant in the United States, participated in this project.

"We agreed we wanted surfaces that were as durable, hygienic, easy to work with and clean as they were beautiful and sustainable".


says Turner who, since 2022, owns and operates CRT Studio Interiors out of Winter Park, Fla.


"In hindsight, it seems like a daunting task but, truth be told, we found that single source partner almost immediately in Neolith.".



Raising ecological standards

For this project, Hardwick General Contracting used the demanding residential ecological standards Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC). Energy certification was a highly important part of the project.

Reducing the use of water, enhancing energy performance and using locally produced or recyclable materials were pivotal in the decisions made while planning this home.

Moreover, the architects created a landscaping proposal that would respect Florida’s environment, seeking at all times to use highly durable and resistant products.



A paradise with views in central Florida

Right in the prestigious area of Orlando (Florida), known as “Millionaires Row”, it’s one of the most popular locations in all of central Florida. This gem isn’t very far from the centre of Orlando and Walt Disney World, and offers views of the sunset and Disney fireworks over Lake Sheen.

A sophisticated
kitchen featuring
Calacatta Luxe

        • The idea for the kitchen was to surprise and make it even more elegant using the Calacatta Luxe model in a Polished finish on the tiling and island. The golden and greyish tones in the veining make it dynamic and full of personality.



continuity with
Strata Argentum

        • To create unity between spaces, Neolith Strata Argentum in a Riverwashed finish was used both on the cladding and the fireplace, as well as on some of the countertops. The more discrete and versatile design enables its use for a number of applications and atmospheres, as well as combinations with a wide variety of colours.

Spaciousness and
cutting-edge designs
for bathroom countertops

        • The Phedra model in a Satin finish was chosen for the countertops in the main bathroom, and the Iron Frost model, also in a Satin finish, was used for the guest bathroom. The more homogeneous texture of these collections evokes cleanliness and order in this space, and brightens it up.



Glimpses of contrast
in the kitchen countertops
and outdoor fireplace
with Basalt Black

        • Basalt Black is a model with rich dark tones in textures and details and which was used this time on the outdoor fireplace and kitchen countertop. It brings warmth and makes these surfaces stand out, thus wrapping up the interior design of this project.

Neolith, a sustainable, resistant and environmentally-friendly residential product

The customer considered it essential to use products that would be coherent with the design throughout the house and its natural surroundings. They also had to be sustainable and offer durability guarantees.


Through the qualities and colours in the materials, the interior reflects and connects with the essence and beauty of the lake around it. There’s no doubt this project also expands the experience in the details and conceives all the spaces for enjoyment in a very organic way that’s respectful of the surrounding beautiful scenery.

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