A Japanese Refuge.

Natural minimalism,
minimalist nature.

Located between the José María Córdova International Airport and the vibrant city of Medellín, this stunning residence designed by Colombian interior design studio 5 Sólidos features Neolith throughout the property. The project is based on a Japanese design concept with a single goal: to create a personal oasis that connects and blends in with the natural environment.  To meet that goal, the designers at 5 Sólidos sought out materials and shapes that could create a refined, clean and minimalist feel. Neolith was the answer.

When nature
is inspiration.



The residence is designed to resemble a traditional Japanese house and has two wings, one private and the other social, connected by a hallway flanked by peaceful gardens. Nature plays a major role in both areas, made possible by the properties of Neolith. With its 100% natural composition and its look of real stone, this surface pays homage to mother earth. Beyond its aesthetics, this highly resistant waterproof carbon neutral material is perfect for conveying the concept of this home. Respect for nature is evident in every space.

Each room in the house is designed with relaxation in mind. The bedrooms offer a quiet place to rest and relax with views of the vast green landscape that stretches into the distance outside the windows. The Neolith kitchen combines elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design to create a balanced feel. The open-air dining area makes it possible to enjoy views of the surrounding forest and creates a series of pure lines that enhance the feeling of a boundless space. To complete this sense of serenity, the residence's gardens invite spiritual well-being.


Thanks to the Neolith materials and surfaces selected, the house manages to create a sense of perfect balance. Japanese Refuge achieves the goal set in the initial concept: to create a small haven of peace away from the noise and the crowds, a personal retreat to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A place to feel
absolute peace.

Neolith products
used in this project.

When nature is inspiration

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