Moisès Broggi Multi-Specialty Hospital

Barcelona, Spain


A hospital designed with
the patient's wellbeing in
mind and that connects
with the environment.

Project location:      Barcelona, Spain
Project type:         Hospital
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Aspen Grey

Neolith Just White

The crisis caused by the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has put the capacity of healthcare infrastructures all over the world to the test with new healthcare facilities created in response to the new and future needs. This is the case of the Hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi in Barcelona (Spain). The new multi-specialty building created to the back of the already-existing one is reserved exclusively for COVID-19 patients.


The project known as Moisès Broggi Multi-Specialty Hospital, was designed by Lluis Moran from moranARQ. He is an architect who specializes in public works and, more specifically, healthcare architecture with a broad array of public health center, doctor’s office and hospital projects in his portfolio.



The Moisès Broggi Hospital in Sant Joan Despí is a project comprising more than 4,500 square meters of surface area and was a real challenge having been built in a record time of 21 weeks. The idea behind its construction was minimal use of materials, all of which would be highly resistant and long-lasting.


"We decided to go with Neolith Sintered Stone, minimizing the seams with very large-format slabs and optimizing the format for better material performance throughout the entire hospital."


-Lluis Moran




Due to its excellent properties, Neolith was the perfect material for meeting the needs and expectations of this innovative healthcare project which required the highest levels of quality and hygiene in the materials used.


The resistance and near-zero porosity of Neolith, means it will remain in perfect conditions of cleanliness and hygiene. The large format also reduces the number of seams and, thus, helps prevent the appearance of harmful bacteria as well as the spread of impurities. This is an essential aspect, especially in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) holding more than a hundred beds where hygiene must be absolute in order to ensure a germ-free environment.


A Harmonious



Neolith was used extensively for the Moisès Broggi hospital interiors and exteriors. On the inside, the Just White model clads the walls of the different room and ICUs. The matte white transmits the feeling of purity and cleanliness needed in a medical atmosphere with a smooth finish that can be easily cleaned.


The building facade also required resistant material of minimal maintenance like Neolith. So, the Aspen Grey model was chosen due to the greyish tone and matte finish with a texture that’s similar to actual stone.


"We chose this material in an off white for the lower floors and the UCIs due to its characteristics, especially in the UCI where there’s a lot of traffic and a very high hygiene level is required."


-Lluis Moran


Friendly, Sustainable Architecture

The building facade was planned with a modular screw-mount assembly system to create a four-story building with a completely open third floor. It’s a multi-purpose space that may be transformed over time in accordance with the future needs at any given time.


When considering different alternatives to minimize the materials, the idea arose to design skirting that would fulfill a construction and aesthetic purpose. From a construction perspective, it required materials resistant to inclement weather that would further offer continuous insulation.


"Neolith is an eternal stone with a series of characteristics we believe are ideal for the construction of this building."


- Lluis Moran




Neolith resists temperature changes and remains intact with the passing of time since it is produced with 100% natural raw materials in addition to being UV-ray resistant. Plus, it blocks direct solar radiation for considerable energy savings.


From an aesthetic perspective, the lower part of the facade also needed an attractive surface considering it’s the first thing people see. We also decided to use this same material inside the hospital to completely finish the building materiality.


It’s a design aimed at patient wellbeing that connects with the medical staff and surrounding environment where the use of efficient, safe and resistant materials has been key to guaranteeing compliance with the construction and health objectives initially established.

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