Emilie Willoch Frøyland’s kitchen

Oslo, Norway


The heart of the house designed to be enjoyed

Project location:      Oslo, Norway
Project type:                Kitchen
Neolith materials:     

Neolith Himalaya Crystal

Who lives in this cozy and stylish house in Oslo? Influencer and designer Emilie Willoch Frøyland together with her partner.

Emilie quit her job and decided to make her dream come true, she wanted to dedicate herself to renovating apartments and be a trend-setter. As of today, she runs an Instagram account with over 100 thousand followers, a podcast called Levels and also has her own TV show about apartment remodeling and her life as a freelancer. A go-getter woman! 




What is the inspiration behind this project?

Emilie has always been fascinated by marble, but realized that it couldn’t be an option for her kitchen, as she loves to cook and she says 


"I'm a person who makes quite a mess when I cook. I love having visitors, having parties, I use a lot of citrus and red wine, so when choosing a countertop it was very important to me that it could be used for anything and that it would be durable."

Therefore, Neolith was the perfect choice to enjoy making great dishes and having family and friends over without any worries. This is due to the properties of this material such as its strength and durability, and above all, its impermeability, which makes this material a totally hygienic and leak-repellent surface.

The kitchen as the heart of the home

From the very beginning, the owners knew they wanted the Himalaya Crystal Polished model for their kitchen countertop. It is characterized by its soft and visible veins, which generate a contrast of shapes that transmit authenticity and elegance. Also, combined with wood furniture, this model gives the space a timeless and cozy Nordic style, highlighting its elegance. 


"One thing we really wanted in the kitchen was as few cabinets as possible, but still have  storage. That's why we built a large island, which has become the jewel of the apartment. It was important that it was not only functional, but that there was also an aesthetic idea behind it."

Why Neolith?

Emilie completely fell in love with the authentic look and unique properties of Neolith. A material that combines design and functionality, as well as being a 100% natural surface with a sustainable character. In addition, due to its low porosity, liquids cannot penetrate the countertop and surface stains are usually easily removed with a simple damp cloth. All this makes Neolith the perfect material to feature in your kitchen, combining design and functionality. 


"The best thing about Neolith is that it can withstand everything; there is no problem in placing, for example, hot pots or pans directly in the sink without making marks. This is a solution we are very satisfied with, and it's something we will take with us into every new kitchen - we're super happy!"


That's what influencer and designer Emilie Willoch thinks of Neolith countertops, and as she says, she won't hesitate to choose the brand in the future on any project she embarks on again.


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