Alfonso VI: A home in Valdemoro

Madrid, Spain


A home where practicality and elegance go hand in hand

Project location:                  Madrid, Spain
Project type:                                 Kitchen, Dining table
Neolith materials:            

Neolith Mont Blanc

Neolith Retrostone

Cosy and stylish, this house is located in the town of Valdemoro, in Madrid. The Devesa&Agenjo Interiorismo studio was responsible for giving this newly built home some elegant and personalised finishes to make its owners feel at home. 



An inspiring and functional kitchen

Something that the interior design studio highlights that marked a before and after in the home was 

"replacing the kitchen, which was very basic, with a designer kitchen where the Neolith surfaces played a key role. The Mont Blanc model was used at the rear and took centre stage as an open kitchen."


In addition, given that the kitchen is not particularly large, 

"instead of installing an island, to increase the feeling of spaciousness, we put in a dining table made with Neolith Retrostone instead, which fits perfectly and provides a more practical island table with low maintenance",


say Devesa&Agenjo Interiorismo. 

Continuous spaces that blend together

To achieve connected spaces that follow the same style, Neolith's Mont Blanc and Retrostone models have been used in the different rooms. Apart from the kitchen worktop and dining table, the interior design studio states that

"following the aesthetic line and the premise of practicality and making the home as useful as possible for everyday life, the terrace table, as well as the side tables in the living room, have also been made with Neolith, making the day area an elegant space through the combination of different materials, as well as practical and useful due to its easy maintenance "



A versatile and sustainable material

Neolith was not chosen at random by the interior design studio, as these surfaces provide you with functionality, practicality and hygiene, something to prioritise when choosing materials for your home. Moreover, as well as being a beautiful surface that adds personality and style to rooms, it has the added bonus of being a 100% natural, sustainable material.