What is Neolith?

Neolith is a revolutionary and innovative architectural surface, created with natural raw materials. It is the world leader of sintered stone and continues increasing followers among professionals and consumers. Neolith collections are suitable for any type of application, such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, facades, floors and even furniture.

It is inspired by noble materials such as marbles, stones, wood... but it has superior technical characteristics due to its composition and manufacturing process. Neolith has a whole range of possibilities available to satisfy the most demanding needs in the world of architecture and interior design.



Benefits of sintered stone


Neolith surfaces can be used in any type of application and its technical characteristics make it a very versatile, elegant, and resistant material that offers infinite possibilities without a doubt.

  • Ultrahygienic: Neolith is waterproof and resistant to liquids. It has an absorption level close to zero, which, combined with its large format where you can hardly see any joints, makes it a very clean material. Its special composition makes it resistant to most chemicals, and it is very easy to clean. In addition, the built-in NeolEAT technology helps prevent the proliferation of food bacteria, which is very common in environments such as kitchens or dining rooms, making it a safe surface for contact with food.
  • Very resistant: The sintered stone is resistant to scratches, high temperatures and UV rays thanks to the hardness of its surface. That is why Neolith colors are not distorted when the surface is exposed to the sun or extreme weather conditions, making the material last for longer. 
  • Light and very thin: Lighter than many coatings or interior surfaces, Neolith can be produced in various thicknesses, including an ultra-thin 3 mm.
  • Versatile: Neolith is well-known for the versatility of its surfaces. It can be both used in indoors and outdoors and can be applied to kitchen countertops, bathrooms, facades, floors and even for creating exclusive furniture or decorative elements.
  • Design: The wide variety of colors and textures of the product, inspired by natural elements such as marble, stone, metals or wood, makes unlimited design possibilities and combinations. In addition, Neolith provides elegance and beauty, adding up personality and distinction to every space where it is applied.