Biohomes: for a more sustainable home




Inspiration and a clear sustainability goal close the circle on these homes where worshipping and caring for nature are quintessential for a more responsible building method.


What are biohomes?


Biohomes have come to stay with the firm aim of lessening the environmental impact and encouraging a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

These types of homes advocate the use of sustainable materials that are easy to recycle and generate less pollution in the production phases. They also focus on efficiency to reduce the impact and lower emissions.


Characteristics of biohomes


Biohomes are committed to the future as if they had their own conscience and were able to think about how to minimise pollution in all phases from construction to the type of life they offer the people who inhabit them.


01. Biohomes are made of biodegradable materials.


Wood, clay, cork or natural stone are elements that can be found in these types of buildings. Sintered stone is made with biodegradable raw materials and even recycled in a large proportion meaning it is an excellent choice for building biohomes.