Inspiring living for tomorrow. lifestyle trends 2024 by Neolith

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Whether you’re a design professional or interior decorating enthusiast, this is for you. “Inspiring Living For Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024 by Neolith” is a super complete Report providing insight into months of trend research in the home furnishings, furniture and equipment sector through an in-depth analysis of what’s going on in the world, how society is changing and users’ new needs as concerns their relationships with the environment. These are the main lines of research found in Neolith’s first book of trends.  


It showcases several examples of how architecture, interior design, fashion and industry are changing to create a more livable and more sensorial environment that’s closer than ever to its origins. 

Imagination as the main lever of transformation


Gudy Herder and Enric Pastor, the authors of “Inspiring Living for Tomorrow”, believe imagination is the main lever of transformation which feeds innovation and enables the creation of places where people want to live, feel and enjoy.