Ingenious architecture and design ideas for a summerhouse

Do you feel like spending summer holidays with your family in the midst of nature? Or are you more of a city person? Whatever your preference, one thing we have clear is that there’s no better way to kick-start the summer than by unwinding and exploring new places for a few days. Or perhaps for a tad longer than that. 




A summerhouse in the Costa Brava: holidays on the Mediterranean coast


When it comes to the sea, balmy weather and stunning landscapes, the Costa Brava has got it all. It’s the ideal destination for those seeking long beaches with crystal clear waters, not to mention beautiful scenery and exquisite cuisine. Also, the more curious and daring can explore the small coves hidden between the cliffs and surrounded by greenery. It’s quite an adventure! And this is well known to Anne-Sophie, a French blogger who shares recipes on her blog and social media, and who has chosen this house on the Costa Brava as a second home for her vacations.

Being able to have a summer house on the Costa Brava is a real privilege. These idyllic Mediterranean-style homes is where you can enjoy your holidays in the midst of scenery that invites you to dream. This is showcased by the following kitchen in which the Himalaya Crystal model has been used; it blends in with the landscape and the local Mediterranean aesthetic, and its visible veins add contrast that oozes authenticity and elegance, thereby lending this kitchen personality. The perfect place to enjoy with your family and friends after a long day on the beach, or to have breakfast while you’re structuring your day. 






A summerhouse in South Africa: a holiday home in Cape Town


South Africa is a preferred summer holiday destination for many and the city of Cape Town stands out for its unique charm. It’s one of Africa’s most modern and cosmopolitan cities that offers a myriad of different activities. This is reflected in its architecture, such as this spectacular lightweight pavilion-style home with neutral furniture, shapes and materials that blend in with the exterior. One such material is the Basalt Black model, whose dark look exudes strength and personality, with no sacrifice to elegance, and combines seamlessly with the surroundings and the city’s character. This beautifully landscaped house opens onto the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. Now imagine waking up to those views – what a delight! 






A summerhouse in Elche: summer on the Valencian coast


The Costa Blanca stands out for its serene coves, endless beaches and hidden underwater caves. Elche is nothing short of a perfect summer holiday destination. Delve into this cultural and heritage hub and learn all about its origins, customs and traditions. Besides, Elche’s delicious and diverse cuisine will allow you to try some regional products, including tasty dates and amazing rice dishes, not to mention locally-grown vegetables. Combined with its excellent weather, Elche is the perfect destination for unforgettable holidays. 

That’s when having a house like Fátima Cantó’s becomes quite a privilege. Its large kitchen features an island made with the Calacatta Luxe model known for its flamboyant veins and stark contrasts, which seamlessly matches the La Bohème model to bring warmth and delicacy to a room that’s destined for enjoyment. Also, its large Mediterranean-style terrace makes an ideal setting to spend time in at any point of the day. Its large table made with the Summer Dala model is a special piece at which to savour delicious meals and long after-dinner conversations. And last but not least, the balmy weather in this area allows for enjoying this property with friends and family practically all year round. 






A summerhouse in Budapest: holidays in Eastern Europe


Budapest is known for its fascinating culture and numerous historical landmarks. A city that has been modernised, yet managed to preserve its charm and character. This is why it’s growing in popularity as a summer holiday destination for families and friends. 

One example of this is the young couple who owns the following property in Budapest; they work abroad, but wanted to have a holiday home for when they were in town. This bright, spacious home has a nice and cosy living room and a highly stylish, yet practical dining area. The kitchen features a stunning island on which the Retrostone model has been used to add luminosity and finesse to this space which connects the different rooms of the home. 

And if you wish to stay in a property like this on your holidays in Budapest, you can! The owners rent it out for holiday periods when they are out of town. So now that you have no excuse not to visit Budapest, what are you waiting for?







After seeing those summerhouses and learning a bit more about the wonderful cities in which they are located, which one will you choose to spend your holidays?

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