Surfaces that help create a safe haven

Taking the cave as inspiration, the vaulted structures and organic references become trendy once again to dress our homes and make these refuges, which nurture and care for us daily, more welcoming.

The materials we meticulously select for our home play a fundamental role here, since they transmit their aesthetic and sensory qualities and offer different technical features to obtain comfort.



Objetive: achieve well-being


Wellness has become a new object of desire, in our lifestyle, in our diet, and, in our homes, in the design of spaces.

Interior design increasingly seeks to turn homes into a setting in which our senses are stimulated through comforting colors, sensory experiences and, of course, by improving our comfort.

In our “Inspiring Living For Tomorrow” Trends Report we find various micro trends that refer to these aspects, such as regenerative design, the creation of multipurpose spaces and caring of nature.


Restoring design


Interior design also has a regenerative mission. And thanks to the architectural structures we can find silence, privacy and aesthetic balance, which help us achieve the tranquillity that revitalizes us in our own homes. 




Neolith cladding helps create harmonious spaces to feel and touch, since its collections are inspired by the most beautiful natural surfaces in the world. The Neolith Timber collection emulates the beauty of different types of wood, offering much more hygienic and durable technical features.


¨Microliving¨and the creation of multipurpose spaces


Another interior design trend collected in Inspiring Living For Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024 by Neolith is the concept of "microliving", where design becomes more playful, interactive and experimental.

In this creation of spaces, users are given autonomy, through multipurpose structures, so that they can give them different uses according to their needs.
For example, facilitating working from home in multifunctional environments, or allowing more storage space.




Neolith’s versatility allows to create tables that cover both a culinary and work function, thanks to its ultra-hygienic and non-porous qualities, which make it easy to clean and matches perfectly with office aesthetics.

Neolith also offers very practical solutions when it comes to hiding storage on tables, shelves, and all types of furniture, since they can be cladded with thin thicknesses of 6 mm.


Environmental care


Connecting with nature and, at the same time, taking care of it, is also one of the challenges of contemporary architecture. Neolith’s sintered process offers superior technical performance that provides greater thermal insulation, resistance to humidity, and, therefore, promotes energy savings. These benefits, without a doubt, help provide comfort at home.