Nordic style kitchens: a must that never disappoints

We’re not talking about a style, but rather a way to enjoy the day-to-day. The Nordic world has shown us how to add a touch of Hygge to our lives. The aim is clearly to create wellness and harmony in a simple way, making all the spaces we inhabit more functional. And that includes the kitchens… They are also part of this interior design trend that never goes out of fashion.





Characteristics of Nordic style in kitchens


The Nordic style above all seeks to make a space practical yet cosy. Apply these ideas to your kitchen and you’ll improve how you relate to these surroundings.

01. The use of light, neutral tones

Light colours create more space, add brightness and bring order to different atmospheres. It’s quite a practical resource, isn’t it? That’s why it fits well in this philosophy and is great for creating a Nordic style in kitchens.

02. Highly functional design.

In this case, the function dictates the design of each space. Above all, factors such as enhancing the comfort or storage capacity are prioritised to enjoy all the advantages of the kitchen.

03. Minimalist decoration.

With the Nordic style, less is more and nothing happens by chance. Straight lines, built-in household appliances and handleless cabinet doors are all an excellent choice if you want to achieve this style in your kitchen.