Industrial style kitchens: The metallic beauty that endures

Rescued from the factories of the 50s in New York, the industrial style will bring a lot of personality and daring to your kitchen.


This trend originated in the middle of the 20th century in the US when the economic recession made warehouses and factories available for rent as well as homes or art workshops.


An example could be Andy Warhol's atelier in New York, where the style of the original factory coexisted with works of art in his kitchen and different rooms, or Alex's home in the Flash Dance movie.




Features of an industrial style kitchen

The industrial style is committed to the creation of vibrant and contrasting environments, functional and evocative of craftsmanship. You can recreate these features into your kitchen and renew its look by generating strength and prominence in it.



Choose materials with an industrial aesthetic such as concrete, steel or raw wood

Imagine a vintage warehouse with exposed bricks, concrete beams, and steel columns, and incorporate a very modern open kitchen. To achieve this style in your kitchen, Neolith offers architectural surfaces with an industrial aesthetic, but also with more hygienic and durable features


The Iron collection is reminiscent of untreated iron and offers different shades that are ideal for the kitchen countertop.

Select contrasting and dark colors in your kitchen

In an industrial-style kitchen we usually find colors like black and brown or gray tones. The Steel collection generates metallic effects in dark tones, and a lot of energy and innovation.