5 tips on how to clean a shower tray



After a day's work, there’s nothing like getting home and enjoying a relaxing moment in the shower, right? Finding it impeccable takes us back to the feeling of when we used it for the first time, giving harmony and order to this intimate space that accompanies us every day.

To keep it good as new you can apply these cleaning tips by opting for natural products, so you will not only keep the luster of your bathroom, but also take care of our planet.


01. Clean the shower tray with white cleaning vinegara


Opting for natural products, is always a good option as it avoids dumping chemical waste.   


You can use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, and apply it for a few minutes. Then rub, if necessary, and remove it with plenty of water.  




02. Use neutral soap to clean resin shower trays


If your shower tray is made out of resin, it is preferable to use neutral soap rather than other all-purpose cleaning products. After wiping with a cloth or sponge, you can spray neutral soap on the entire surface and leave it on for five minutes. You can then use a sponge to wipe the surface.


03. Clean limescale with lemon and white vinegar


Anti-limescale products are often abrasive, and in the long run, they can damage the surface of shower trays. You can use a mixture of two lemons and two glasses of white vinegar, and leave it on for 30 minutes.  After rinsing it with plenty of water, you will see excellent results.


04. Use baking soda for shower tray care


Baking soda is another natural product, with magnificent properties to improve hygiene in the bathroom. You can make a paste by mixing baking soda with water and apply it directly on the stains. In addition, it has deodorizing properties, so its use will eliminate bad odors, thus improving comfort in the environment. .