Future-forward bathrooms

Neolith and Reece VR experience at Saturday InDesign 

The much-loved annual trade event Saturday InDesign was celebrated in Melbourne and this year, Neolith and Reece, Australia’s leading name in bathrooms and kitchens, were present on it.

Both joined forces to create the ultimate bathroom pairing through a VR experience, showing the visitors where bathroom trends are headed next. The stunning installation combined Reece’s latest and greatest fixtures and fittings, with Neolith’s cutting-edge, architectural sintered stone surfaces in fashion-forward hues. As a result, we have an innovative bathroom designed with VR that takes us to an authentic well-being dimension. Quite an experience! 

Check-in for Saturday InDesign started at the Reece showroom, where guests were treated to breakfast and coffee by Youth Projects, a Victorian charity that supports young people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness.



A journey through virtual reality


Guests were invited to take a captivating, virtual-reality journey into the future of bathrooms, in a virtual space specially created for the event by architectural practice Fraser & Partners and home-visualisation specialists Situ Systems. 

The VR installation gave guests the opportunity to experience the latest trends in bathrooms design using the VR glasses, where the different areas could be explored and where elegance and serenity were the subject of the equation. A display gallery and vanity sink could be seen, as well as a rejuvenation area with a stunning shower, a relaxing salon and spa. A true journey of sensations in a perfect balance with nature, giving as a result a biophilic bathroom that evokes peace and tranquility to everyone who visits it.



Neolith surfaces in a combination of soft, neutral tones (Neolith Abu Dhabi White Silk and Neolith Strata Argentum Riverwashed) and striking exotic stone patterns (Neolith Amazonico) starred in the VR space, featuring on every surface, from the walls and floors to the ceiling.

“Our brief was to design a dream bathroom scape under this year’s theme ‘Utopias’, which showcased Neolith and Grohe products in a unique and creative way,” says Melissa Leung, Associate Director at Fraser & Partners.