What is color blocking?

Color can do anything. It can change how we perceive a space and, just as Kandinsky proved to us, it can influence our emotions, evoke music and sensory experiences.




The Color Blocking trend is here to provide the rooms we live in with energy and a transformational spirit through a combination of a variety of flat colors.


In our book Inspiring Living For Tomorrow. Lifestyle Trends 2024 by Neolith, you’ll find interior design projects featuring this technique as well as some highly evocative documents and interviews.

Characteristics of the Color Blocking Trend


Color Blocking is mainly known for the use of a combination of solid and contrasting blocks of color to create a fresh impact like no other.


It can be used on walls, furniture, flooring and even on the ceiling, normally in geometric shapes.

Combinations of Various Bright, Surprising Colors


The chromatic range is endless and the possible combinations even more so. In this case, you can be bold and daring, covering your spaces in primary, tropical, fluorescent and anything but discrete colors. That whole rule of “less is more” doesn’t apply to this game.