The Hollywood-inspired Casa Decor wellness bathroom

Neolith surprises everyone once again at Casa Decor, this time with a sensational bathroom inspired by the seventh art: Baño Hollywood. 

A dreamy bathroom as an ode to the Wellness era where elegance and sophistication permeate every corner with Neolith sintered stone as the focal point, providing every visitor with a wellness experience and taking them back to Hollywood’s golden years.



Casa Decor 2023 / Jean Porsche / Neolith Space / Photography: Nacho Uribe Salazar


A bathroom in the purest Hollywood Regency style

Jean Porsche, one of the most influential figures in interior design in Spain, has brought us the Baño Hollywood. This space draws inspiration from those bathrooms found in the mansions of Beverly Hills, the most prominent and classiest area of Los Angeles where the most expensive houses in the world and homes to the famous film stars stand at the foot of the mountains. 

Bringing us closer to the luxurious world of film and its glamorous stars, this style never goes out of fashion with well-defined aesthetics featuring marble, paper, tapestry, metallic details and meticulously designed vibrant touches in line with the Hollywood Regency look. 


What defines this style?

Classical decor with dramatic touches and finishes that evoke lavishness and luxury where marble is essential.

Therefore, when creating the Baño Hollywood, sintered stone in white tones with marked veining and refined black were carefully selected from the Neolith The New Classtone collection. Standing out as well is the exclusive new Estatuario Oro Blanco model from the Neolith Iconic Design series, recently awarded for innovation. All the Baño Hollywood models are in the Polished finish to best render that Hollywood glamour and shine.