The keys to a bathroom boasting nature

Do you know which trend is truly on the rise? A deco style known as Bio is currently in fashion and it’s all about creating healthy atmospheres with natural, environmentally-friendly materials. Bathrooms are undoubtedly the place in homes requiring a relaxed, peaceful and natural atmosphere. But, how can you turn your toilet into a place for relaxation? It’s quite easy. Begin by looking for cozy decorative elements that fit in with this trend like plants and natural fibers like jute, raffia, wicker and ratan to get a very calm, Zen result. 


On the other hand, when designing bathrooms, the recommendation is to use warm paneling models which are ideal for these kinds of areas. If you’re thinking about doing some renovation work, shower trays made of 100% all-natural and recyclable materials are the best choice because they also withstand the passing of time.  

The Bio trend is all about everything neutral and natural. And when it comes to decorating, less is more. In line with this rule, it’s better for the furniture you use to have been treated as little as possible. As far as fabrics, linen and cotton really give bathrooms that natural feel. Simplicity is no doubt a part of the DNA of this style which is gaining more and more followers all the time. 

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