Ideas to make your home more sustainable

How can we take care of the planet? All the little things you can do in your home are essential to living a more environmentally-friendly life. Everything adds up when it comes to spreading awareness for the importance of preventing and reversing the degradation of our ecosystems. Here are some ideas for making your home more sustainable: 


Save energy  


Always choose the most efficient household appliances even if they come at a higher price. You’ll quickly make up the difference in energy savings. Remember to turn off the lights, always buy LED bulbs which consume less energy and last longer than incandescent ones. 

Renovate a few areas of your home 


When choosing a kitchen, you must think about how much energy it will consume. For more sustainable cooking, induction stoves are best. Ceramic and gas cooktops consume much more than induction ones. And if you’re already renovating, think about including Neolith kitchen countertops. These sintered stone surfaces are made of up to 90% recycled materials and are manufactured using a highly efficient process in a carbon neutral environment. Plus, adequately insulating your home will make it more efficient: installing double pane windows, shutters and awnings and lowering the blinds will prevent the heat and cool air from escaping.  

Use water with care 


Saving this precious liquid is one of the planet’s greatest challenges. Experts recommend installing flow reducers on faucets as the most efficient way to save. Showers are always better than baths. You can even install an eco shower head which will save a large amount of water and energy.  

Go a step further.

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