Fátima Cantó enjoying her all-new outdoor area

The feeling of fresh air and being connected to the outside is essential to people’s wellbeing. And this is why the outdoor areas are being emphasized in more and more homes all the time. These idyllic places are designed for intense living with family and friends.  


One example can be found at influencer Fátima Cantó’s new house which features a marked industrial design, open spaces and minimalist colors with a touch of warmth. 


We visited her new refuge –quite a modern architecture gem– where the outdoor areas are the focus.  

Versatile and Practical  


Fátima is, first and foremost, a multitasking mother who balances her work with her family life. Her day-to-day begins in the kitchen, which is connected to a porch where the outdoors can be enjoyed all year round. That is where she takes in the good weather while working or playing with her kids.  

She spends a few hours painting in the evenings as it’s one of her favorite hobbies. For this hybrid space, Fátima chose a large robust table covered by Neolith Summer Dala, a surface that remains unaltered even under the most extreme weather conditions. 

These sintered stone surfaces create a whole new dimension combining the best design with comfort, quality, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. They can even be integrated with the facades and interiors. 

Nature In Its Finest State 


Preparing a lovely table for some fun with friends is something Fátima does each week. The presence of the sintered stone is fundamental because it adds elegance and sophistication through resistant, functional material. It is no doubt the ideal surface for outdoor areas. 

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