Art beyond painting

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It’s all about appreciating the whole of things

Those in the know say art lies in the whole, in the world around us. Day-to-day objects are often appreciated due to their usefulness and convenience, yet we don’t take much time to notice the shapes, beauty and potential. 


 We suggest taking a tour of some creative looks at daily life for even more enjoyment!

Zeina Alliances, Paris


One of the most well-known jewelry brands in Paris is the popular Zeina. This “Maison” specializes in designing wedding rings and jewelry with a distinguished touch. Visiting this exclusive jewelry shop is synonymous to glamour where the different decorative materials and elements like wood, velvet and gold leaf are expertly mixed with Neolith Estatuario, stone cladding that supports the elegant wall with a Bookmatch effect. 


It’s a place well worth contemplating!



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Bank of Guizhou, China

Right in the financial heart of Guiyang, you can take in this imposing building comprised of two twin towers which has already become quite the icon in the city. Innovative material offering design and the best functionality was used to create this popular piece of architecture. The stone cladding the walls is Neolith Estatuario Silk, an absolutely elegant designer model which is ideal for these kinds of buildings.


All the white color and grey veins make everything bright and emphasize the height of the ceilings. The veins combine perfectly with the accessories used at the financial center, both offering that touch of design and glamour sought by the architect.