2023 2023 Kitchen trends: renovate yours for a new look and feel

New trends emerge each year for your home and one of the areas that has gained in importance in recent years is the kitchen. 

We’re going to highlight some of the kitchen trends you’ll be seeing in 2023 to create a unique kitchen. A kitchen you can enjoy every single day, alone or with company, as a family to cook, celebrate and enjoy memorable moments. 





Natural and sustainable surfaces


Naturalness is going to be an even bigger trend in kitchens in 2023 and to get a very natural look, there’s nothing better than choosing materials inspired by stones, wood and even steel. Plus, sustainability is a very important factor for consumers as we’re becoming more and more aware of what we can do for the environment. 

Neolith sintered stone combines nature and sustainability as it’s made of all-natural raw materials. It’s a material that is also resistant, hygienic, sustainable and beautiful. 

One good example is the La Bohème model which replicates the design and texture of wood, specifically Lebanese cedar. It’s a wonderful choice if you’re wanting to create a warm, timeless space that’s also contemporary. 







Dark colors


Another trend that’s coming out strong this year is the use of nature-inspired colors. From the most somber earthly tones to the most intense blues and greens. 

One of the most popular colors in 2022 which is here to stay in 2023 is black and the whole range of dark tones in general. This is because of the versatility since it fits in quite well with simple styles yet can produce more dramatic atmospheres depending on where it’s applied. The perfect material for this effect is the Iron Grey model by Neolith. 




A combination of different materials


Combining different materials to achieve unique, stylish spaces is another kitchen trend for 2023. 

This is the case of wood, since it can be perfectly integrated with an endless number of materials like stone, cement and steel. 

The more materials are combined, the more sophisticated your kitchen will be all while ensuring a harmonious combination for a balance of materials and timeless colors. One safe bet is to combine a maximum of three elements such as wood, stone and cement.